WASIA Membership

WASIA Memberships

WASIA membership attracts a range of member benefits which include professional representation and consultation on critical industry issues, opportunities to lead and shape the future of the industry, access to quality professional services and discounts for both business and personal use. Member Benefit Schemes include free legal consults and discount services, discounted and preferential insurance rates, easy-access superannuation, discount purchasing services and more.Nothamton Industry Workshop

As a not-for-profit industry association, WASIA operates under a registered Constitution and is managed by an elected Executive Committee. WASIA memberships are open to:

»» contractors
»» shearers
»» wool handlers/pressers
»» shed hands
»» cooks
»» wool growers
»» wool classers
»» wool brokers/buyers
»» other groups or individuals with an interest in the WA shearing industry.

To become a WASIA Member, download the WASIA Individual Membership Kit or the WASIA Group Membership Kit.


Full Membership (2 votes each) - Shearing Contractors

Associate Membership (1 vote each) - Growers, Shearers, Woolclassers, Shed Hands, Cooks, Suppliers, Wool Buyers/Brokers, RTOs and any other stakeholders or enterprise interested in the wool industry

Non-Membership Affiliations

RegisteredTraining Organisations and sponsors are also Associate Members and can also access additional website advertising opportunities to promote their courses, events and products.

WASIA membership brings considerable benefits through our Member Benefit Schemes, not to mention the benefits gained from industry representation on critical industry issues which WASIA addresses on behalf of the industry. Your eligibility for specific types of membership depends on your role in the industry and access to member benefits may vary with each type of membership. Member Benefits include:

Full Membership

Full Membership is available to Shearing Contractors, a Shearing Contractor partnership or Shearing Contractor body corporate in WA, with only one Full Membership available for each business entity. Benefits of Full Membership includes double voting rights, the right to nominate for the Executive Committee elections after a minimum qualifying period and all other WASIA membership privileges enumerated in the WASIA Constitutions including access to all current and future WASIA Member Benefit Schemes.

The annual Full Member subscription fees are listed in the Membership Application Kits.

Full Member (Contractor) Benefits – All of the Associate Member Benefits (listed below), plus:

  • Free Shearing Contractors Operations Manual for the conduct of Shearing Contracting businesses, with Cost of Shearing Calculator, State & Federal Awards and Shearing Rate Updates;
  • Free Legal Services for initial consultation and preferential discount rates for extended issues;
  • Access to the following Member Benefit Schemes to support your business, personal profitability and also help support the Association, including:
    • Access to the Shearing Contractors Safety Management System;
    • Preferential Workers Compensation & Public Liability Insurance rates – McKenna Hampton Insurance Brokers;
    • Finance Services – Pacific Premium Commercial;
    • 10% Bonus of Product on all Purchases of Heiniger Australia Emery Papers;
    • Access to Association Members-Only Section of Website;
    • Use of the Association’s Membership Logo on business stationary & materials.

Individual Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to any person, partnership or body corporate, RTO, Buyer/Broker, Supplier, Manufacturer or others engaged in or interested in the shearing industry, but not being a Shearing Contractor, as well as partners, shareholders or family members of any Full Member. Only one Associate Membership is available for each business entity.

Associate Members have single voting rights on all Association matters with access to the majority of all current and future WASIA Member Benefit Schemes.

Formal sponsorship arrangements may include Associate Membership as part of the sponsorship package.

Associate & Full Member Benefits:

  • Use of WASIA Website to advertise and find shearing & training events, employment opportunities
  • Access to direct Prime Super support and assistance relating to your superannuation funds;
  • Discount Personal Accident, Illness, House and Motor Vehicle Insurance – McKenna Hampton;
  • Access to Legal Services with at preferential rates;
  • Membership & Shoprite Card – Access to DISCOUNT Product and Service including:
    • White & Brown Goods (household appliances and electronics for home and car);
    • Motor vehicles - New & Used; Diesel and Petrol Fuels and Oils; Tyre Balancing, Wheel Alignments and some Tyres;
    • Some Professional Services (dental, optical);
    • Travel Services;
    • Health Saver Card;
    • Many, many other Products and Services.
  • Industry Training and Communications:
    • Access to WASIA Industry training workshops, forums and social functions;
    • Opportunities to networks with Contractors, Affiliated Members and businesses;
    • Access to the On-Line Employment Register for employers and employees;
    • Receive regular WASIA Newsletter;
    • Access to Industry and Member-secure Interactive Website for information (in progress);
    • Access to bi-annual General Meetings, open to all members;
  • The combined strength of the Industry, in addressing issues of common interest and benefit:
  • Professional monitoring of Industry issues, at the National and State levels;
  • Personal input into, and professional lobbying on, industry positions to Government on legislation and other critical Industry issues;
  • Personal input into Industry Safety Guidelines;
  • Opportunities to serve on various advisory committees, working groups with key Government Agencies and the Association’s Executive Committee;
  • Confidence of a well-managed, professionally staffed Association, including:
  • Voting rights for all Members;
  • Association transparency and accountability to members.

WASIA looks forward to your involvement and invites you to download the WASIA Individual Membership Application Kit, to complete the Application Form and forward it by fax or post to the address listed on the Form.

Group Associate Memberships and Affiliations

Group Associate Memberships are available to industry Associations and special interest or regional groups. WASIA welcomes the support and involvement of industry and other related groups and invites you to download the WASIA Group Membership Application Kit, to complete the Application Form and forward it by fax or post to the address listed on the Form.

'Affiliated' programs may include Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and other industry organisation, sponsors or businesses, as may be approved from time to time. This status provides various benefits as determined for that organisation. For example:

Affiliated Registered Training Organisations (RTO's)
- allows RTOs to access exclusive functions in the on-line Training Register to self managed promotion of their training courses by listing, editing or deleting their entries in the calendar of courses and to receive automated email expressions of interest from prospective trainees.
- enabling specific access to Promotional parts of the website and links to Spionsor websites and other functions as may be determined from time to time.
Affiliated Industry Associations (e.g. WA Farmers, PGA)
- enabling specific access to Event and Meeting Register, links to their websites and other functions as may be determined from time to time.

'Affiliated' status attracts a nominal annual access fee beyond the Associate Membership fee where specific commercial benefits may result and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

All membership and access fees are pro rata for the first year of membership only.

Updated 9/7/16