WASIA - Industry events

Industry Meetings, Forums & Surveys and Industry Representation

WASIA Meetings are conducted at least twice-yearly or more often if required and include the WASIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January each year and the Half-Yearly General Meeting held in late June or early July each year as a minimum.

Industry Forums and Surveys are designed and conducted to raise hot topics and issues for discussion which may have a significant impact on the nature and future of the industry and member businesses in future. These forums and surveys provide members and industry stakeholders with the opportunity to discuss issues face-to-face with industry leaders or with the individuals and groups involved and to have their say through feedback and survey forms. The input derived helps to guide WASIA directions and policies, as determined by the WASIA Executive Committee.

Additional meetings and forums are often held in conjunction with the regional Wool Harvesting Industry Workshops or iother industry events such as the Perth Royal Show or regional Industry Field Days.

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Updates 18/06/11