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Industry Training

Industry Training is critical to ensuring the future of the wool harvesting sector and its ability to meet the needs of wool growers.

The quality of training and skills development for entry-level shearers, shed hands and wool handlers and the industry's ability to offer training opportunities both on and off the job is necessary to ensure a future workforce. Use the Training Register

Hand-in-hand with training is the need for consistant year-round employment opportunities, including traineeships, to help retain new young workers in the industry and not loose them to other industry with continuous employment.

Wool Growers - if you can can shift your shearing and crutching activities to less busy times of year, please contact your Contractor and discuss options for shifting your usual dates or use the Contracts Register to promote an alternative time for shearing. This can help keep shearing teams engaged year-round and help to retain young workers in the industry by offering them continuity of employment.

The Training Register is accessed by registered Users to find out about upcoming courses
- Training Providers are able to list and update their courses on offer and interested individuals can email directly to the Training provider from the Register to get more information and register their interest in the course.

Industry Events

Workshops, Meetings, Public Forums and Feild Days all offer a broad range of opportunities to update information, exchange ideas and stay tuned into looming social issues in the community. Industry leaders and workers need to stay informed and up-to-date. These events provide unique opportunities to stay in tune with developing trends that will effect this industry.

Let the industry know about your events through this dedicated events calendar.

The Events & Meeting Register is accessed by Registered Users to find out about Workshops, Field Days, Association and Industry Meetings and Local Eevents
- Wool grower Groups, WASIA, Training providers, Local Shires and Commercial Industry Enterprises can use this facility to promote their events and attract participants, with direct email links from the website.

Updated 9/7/16