WASIA - About us

The WA Shearing Industry Association Inc (WASIA) is a not-for-profit incorporated association, established in January 1988. Originally named the WA Shearing Contractors Association Inc (WASCA), the Association represents the interests of shearing industry throughout Western Australia.

WASIA coordinates practical and informative:

to ensure the future security and development of a safe, well-trained and profitable wool harvesting industry and to provide benefits to our members and establish cooperative alliances with other related industry and government organisation.

WASIA specialises in:

  • State & Federal Awards and Enterprise Agreements
  • Legal representation
  • Guidance on industrial relations - employment, taxation , superannuation, workers compensation, etc
  • Contractor/Grower Agreements
  • Contractor/Employee Agreements
  • Business contracts
  • Risk management
  • Policy Development

WASIA has been instrumental in implementing and maintaining the Western Australia Shearing Contractors Award 2003 which has applied to all shearing contracting in WA since May 2004 and continues to be the industruial instrument in WA applicable to Non-Companies (partnerships, sole traders and family trusts). Corporate operators (Pty Ltd and Company trusts) must now operate under the Pastoral Award 2010 unless a formal, registered Enterprise Agreement has been implemented to preserve the flexibilities of the WA Award for those business.

WASIA coordinates a variety of Industry Forums and General Meetings providing members and industry stakeholders the opportunity to have direct input on matters of peculiar importance and significance to their industry and businesses.

There are many industry issues of common concern to all stakeholders and by providing opportunities for cooperation and communication, the Association is able to more effectively represent industry and help to build a cooperative environment to effectively address industry issues.

WASIA's Website Services are available to all Regsitered Site Users. Become a Registered User by registering through the box at the top right of this page. See WASIA's Privacy Policy for details on how we handle your contact information.

WASIA's goal is to achieve benefits for the industry through the development of a knowledge and skills base, improvement of communications and the emergence of a cooperative environment throughout the wool harvesting industry.

WASIA Membership

WASIA membership also provides members with Member Benefit Schemes which include access to quality and discounts legal services, discounted and preferential insurance rates, easy-access superannuation and discount purchasing services for a wide range of products and services.

Full Memebrship (voting rights) is open to Contractors who also conduct crutching and mulesing.

Associate Mebership (non-voting) is open to Wool Growers, Shearers, Woolclassers, Shed hands, Business Partners, family members and anyone with an interest in the wool harvesting industry.

WASIA operates under a registered Constitution and is managed by and elected Executive Committee. The WASIA Annual General Meeting is held in January each year with a Half-Yearly meeting held in late June or early July.


Updated 11/5/17