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The Western Australian Shearing Industry Association Inc........ or "WASIA" for short.......(formerly the WA Shearing Contractors Association - WASCA isa not-for-profit industry association representing the interests of the WA Shearing industry and providing vital information and support to shearing industry members, including Contractors, Woolclassers, Shed Hands/Wool Handlers, Wool Buyers/Brokers and all interested WA industry stakeholders.



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WASIA Brochure

Note: The Membership Rates are listed in the current Membership Kit. Click on the link below for full details.

WASIA Individual Membership Kit

WASIA Executive Committee Contact List - From June 2017

WASIA – What We Do for You & Your Industry

Since 1987, WASIA (formerly WASCA) has fulfilled a vital role in furthering the development of the WA Shearing Industry and promoting and developing a legislative, economic, administrative, training, working and social environment to ensure a safe, responsible and profitable industry in Western Australia.

Benefits of WASIA membership includes voting rights on industry issues, access to a broad range of industry information on Industrial Relations (Awards, Industrial Agreements, Rates of Pay & Updates, Employee and Employer information etc), member discount programs, periodic newsletters & circulars, industry practical and information workshops and use of the WASIA website. 

Darren Spencer

"WASIA accepts its leadership responsibilities and offers members the opportunity to participate directly in shaping the future of our industry and to access significant savings through a range of Member Benefit Schemes."                                                                                    Darren Spencer, President


Your Benefits of WASIA Membership

WASIA Members have the support of informed experts from industry, legal circles and training organisation. WASIA represents WA shearing industry interests to State and Federal Governments, other industry bodies and seeks to maintain the flexibilities and benefits unique to the WA shearing industry.

Members receive automatic updates on Award changes, Rates of Pay and other critical issues and we work closely with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Trainers to help ensure excellence in skills training and to offers opportunities for members to share and exchange information and help drive the industry’s future.

Member comments:

"WASIA is a source of sound and accurate information...when you need answers."

"I learn so much at every meeting I attend."

"Our voluntary Code of Conduct sets a positive minimum standard of professionalism for our industry.... I commend it to everyone."


Wool Handler

What you can do for your industry?

WASIA membership offers you the opportunity to participate, as a voting member of the Association, to 'have your say' and help lead the industry into the future. Your membership in WASIA is a major step in helping to foster a sound and flexible WA Shearing Industry and to safeguard its future. Help us keep the WA Shearing Industry strong and vibrant. To keep up with the times we need your input and participation.

Voting Memberships are available to all individuals or busineses with an interest in the shearing industry

"WASIA's primary goal is to actively promote the development of a safe, high quality, secure and profitable shearing and crutching industry while representing the interests of shearing industry stakeholders throughout Western Australia."                                                    Peter Letch, a Founding Member & Past President


We appreciate your continuing support.

Thank you.

 Valerie Pretzel, Administrative Officer


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The exciting features of this website offer a range of useful functions to Wool Growers, Contractors, Jobseekers, Students, Workers and Training Providers alike, including (click on headings for more detail):

News and Information
- for the latest on 'Hot Topics' in the industry, a 'Fun & Games' section , FAQs and a Site User news contribution section for you to add your bits of news and interesting information and just plain 'fun stuff'
Find a Contractor
- this feature enables all registered site users to locate and contact contractor member throughout WA
Employment Register
- to find a job in the industry and list your details on the register for employers recruiting workers, with direct contact capability
Training Register
- to find or promote training courses, professional development opportunities and career information including direct contact with training providers
Event & Meeting Registers
- to find and promote workshops, meetings and other industry events with a direct contact link to event coordinators
Contracts Register
- to find or attract Contractors to shear, crutch or mules your sheep and for exclusive member access to find Contract Jobs offered by Growers, complete with direct communication link
Training Materials Register
- enabling Growers to contct Trainers directly, to offer sheep and sheds for training purposes
Awards, Agreements & Rates
- providing exclusive member access to the latest Award Rates, Contractor/Grower Agreements, Contractor/Employee Agreements and full texts of relevant Awards

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